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qq英文签名:I see it all, I see it now

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  No one and you. 无人及你

  Bad days will pass 坏事情总会过去

  Two Be Number One 二逼第一

  I think the brainwashing我想洗脑

  I love you,just because. 我爱你,没有任何理由

  Can you give me a hug 你可以给我个拥抱吗

  Your dream is not dream 你还梦不梦

  Dream, as if you never wake up.做梦吧,好像未曾醒来。

  Things do not change,we change. 世界没变,是我们变了

  Let time to my deep love man.愿时光善待我深爱之人

  Happy is the man who is living by his hobby. 醉心于某种癖好的人是幸福的。

  I have everything what I want except you除了你,我什么都不缺

  I see it all, I see it now 一切都已了然

  Nothing can be more beauitful than the smile free from tears!

  The person I love is not the one in love with me 我爱的不是我的爱人。

  Memories of the clear smile.(回忆里清澈的笑容)

  At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet. 每一个沐浴在爱河中的人都是诗人。

  Dream three years, three years of pain。三年梦,三年痛。

  I know the people I really care about a few.我知道 真正在乎我的没几个.

  I want someone whos afraid of losing me 我希望找到一个担心失去我的人

  I love not love you one minute only 60 seconds.我爱的不多 一分钟只爱了你六十秒。

  Time cures all wounds 时间治愈所有创伤

  Dread is produced by a powerlessness. 畏惧是软弱的表现。

  Life is like an ice cream. Enjoy it before it melts. 生活就像奇彩炫,请在它融化前,及时享受。

  You are my first,you are my last.在你之前不曾有,在你之后不再有.

  My thoughts are deep into you 我深深地想念著你

  Even if the road is not flat also should make oneself of the sun【就算路不坦荡 也要做自己的太阳】

  Not all people will be sincerely to you【不是所有人都会真心对你】

  There is no rehearsal in the life , once missing , it will be lost forever. 世界上没有破镜重圆之说,

  No one can replace you in my heart从来没有人能取代你在我心里的位置

  Let the time tell the truth. 任由时间说真话

  I am the mother freaking princess ——我是放荡不羁的公主。

  I will always be, even if love pale. 我会一直在,纵使爱变苍白

  Nobody could ever replace you 无人可以取代你

  The tough road often leads to the top.艰难的道路经常通往高处

  I just don‘t like you anymore 我只是不再那么喜欢你

  【 You name is Wang you are Emperor 】 你姓王 你是皇

  YOU belong with me ![你跟我在一起才合适!]

  i WANT TO SEE U.我想要两颗西柚.

  Time always save the best for last.时间总是把最好的人留到最后

  Time can prove that I love you 时间能证明我有多爱你

  We will never in contact with each other.我们终究老死不相往来

  The girl who loves laughing, do not let her cry.爱笑的女孩,别让她哭。

  Ten thousand people roar a loud sigh as you are万人狂吼不及你一声轻叹

  I would not say love, but I said is true ]我不会说情话,但我说的都是真心话.

  I want to be your bride . 【 我想成为你的新娘 】

  Thank fate that I met with you. [感谢缘分让我和你相识过.]

  [The Fightting Boys]我可以为你平凡或完美!

  Sometimes there is no way out exlep有时候,除了说再见,别无选择。

  I will be here for you all the time. 我会在这儿,一直为你。

  You were never mine to lose. 你从来就不属于我,谈不上什么失去 。

  Vows of eternal love,Also can separate。海枯石烂,亦会分开。

  I love everything you love. 我喜欢你喜欢的一切。

  one day i will shine elegant 总有一天我会绽放优雅

  It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop(只要不停下脚步,走多慢都没事)

  Listen to me, you make a woman look very happy. 听我说,你要做一个喜上眉梢的女子。

  If only as shown signs of life, Why should I so attached to. 人生若只如初见,我又何苦如此依恋。

  Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad. 与其伤心回忆,不如微笑遗忘。

  I never stopped loving you, I just stopped showing it. 我对你的爱从来没有停止,只是我不再让别人知道我的世界不允许你的消失,不管结局是否完美.

  No matter the ending is perfect or not, you cannot disappear from my world.


  Love is a carefully designed lie.


  Promises are often like the butterfly, which disappear after beautiful hover.

  凋谢是真实的 盛开只是一种过去

  Fading is true while flowering is past


  Why I have never catched the happiness? Whenever I want you ,I will be accompanyed by the memory of...

  爱情…在指缝间承诺 指缝….在爱情下交缠.

  Love ,promised between the fingers

  Finger rift,twisted in the love


  If you weeped for the missing sunset,you would miss all the shining stars


  to feel the flame of dreaming and to feel the moment of dancing,when all the romance is far away,the eternity is always there


  If we can only encounter each other rather than stay with each other,then I wish we had never encountered .

  宁愿笑著流泪,嘢不哭著说后悔 心碎了,还需再补吗?

  I would like weeping with the smile rather than repenting with the cry,when my heart is broken ,is it needed to fix?


  There are no trails of the wings in the sky, while the birds has flied away.


  When keeping the ambiguity with you ,I fear I will fall in love with you, and I fear I will cry after your leaving.


  When a cigarette falls in love with a match,it is destined to be hurt


  I found one day that I had nothing except the love

  人活着 总是要得罪一些人的 就要看那些人是否值得得罪

  When alive ,we may probably offend some people.However, we must think about whether they are deserved offended.

  Wound like me, a stubborn child, not heal.


  The lonely youth, I only for you.


  At no stage a comeback love your courage.


  No true heart,no broken heart.


  Too many stories have no results.


  f this is not the end if I still love you.


  He misses her, but he missed her.


  You find your sunshine, I was left alone sad.


  Delusion is me to walk with you life.


  No one even lives lost nor will i lose.


  And then deep memory, also has forgotten the day.


  I like to present myself, I miss our past.


  Well, not that emotional, but I move the heart.


  Then the selfish hurt, but only in order not to leave.


  I smile too long didn't practice, maybe you forgot.


  Love, but not to talk, from no words to say nothing.


  Thank you for being unsympathetic, which makes me give up finally.


  I know I do not leave you, so I utter not a single word.


  In may, June, finalizing, each rush thing.


  When the mood is low, will feel that life is a long wait for death.